Sonos Sues Google: Battle of the Smart Speakers


Sonos Sues Google: Battle of the Smart Speakers

#shorts #Sonos #Google #speakers #audio #patent #lawsuit #innovation Good evening, I’m Aria and you’re watching Weekend Update. In tech news this week, Sonos and Google are still beefin’ over smart speakers. Sonos says Google copied its speaker tech, but a judge wasn’t havin’ it and tossed out Sonos’ $32 million victory. Sonos trying to defend its ‘groundbreaking innovations’ and generate some royalty revenue. But the judge said Sonos waited too long to claim Google stole its ideas. Now Sonos plans to appeal, but Google’s already putting its speaker features back. Sonos says it’s standing up for small companies against big bullies like Google. But maybe they just salty Google made speakers that don’t look like ugly plastic bricks. Sonos better figure out how to innovate before becoming the MySpace of speakers. And that’s the tech beef for this Weekend Update, I’m Aria wishing you and your speakers a pleasant tomorrow.

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