See The Most Colorful View Of The Universe Ever Taken!


See The Most Colorful View Of The Universe Ever Taken!

#shorts #paper #magnified star Mothra #distant galaxies #Haojing Yan Astronomers have combined the observations of the two biggest telescopes in space to create what they are calling the “most colorful image of the universe”. They call it the Christmas Tree Galaxy Cluster because it’s so colorful and because of all the twinkling lights they found inside it. One of the stars they found was magnified by a factor of at least 4,000. They nicknamed it Mothra, after the insect Kaiju in the Godzilla “Monsterverse”. But what’s really weird is that Mothra appears in the Hubble images from nine years ago, suggesting that something peculiar is helping this star get the extra magnification. The most likely explanation is a globular star cluster that’s too faint for [JWST] to see directly. But we don’t know the true nature of this additional lens yet.

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