Scientists Find Space Lumps On Faraway Rock Arrokoth


Scientists Find Space Lumps On Faraway Rock Arrokoth

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #space #NASA #New Horizons #Arrokoth #Kuiper Belt #planetesimal #formation #mounds #hamburgers #raspberry Good evening, I’m Colin Jost. In space news, scientists got excited this week over lumps on a faraway rock called Arrokoth. NASA’s New Horizons probe flew by the space object in the Kuiper Belt past Neptune in 2019. It’s shaped like two hamburgers stuck together, or a raspberry according to one eager scientist. They found similar sized mounds covering Arrokoth that reveal how this cosmic treat formed billions of years ago. One scientist said it looks like a raspberry made of little sub-units. Mmm, sounds delicious. Coming up: How NASA plans to turn space rocks into intergalactic smoothies. We’ll be right back.

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