Red And Blue Shifts: How Galaxies Colors Reveal The Universes Growth


Red And Blue Shifts: How Galaxies Colors Reveal The Universes Growth

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #redshift #blueshift #Doppler #galaxies #distances #universe #expansion #wavelengths #light #spectra Astronomers lookin’ through their telescopes noticed that distant galaxies appeared redder than nearby ones. The further out they looked, the redder things got. This redshift shows galaxies are movin’ away from us, and the faster they’re recedin’, the redder they look. It means the universe is expandin’, with everything flyin’ apart unless gravity’s holding it together. Same idea as how an ambulance’s siren sounds higher pitched when coming toward you and lower as it passes by. But with light, redder equals longer wavelengths. By measuring redshift, we can tell how fast and far galaxies are fleeing. Pretty nifty for measurin’ cosmic distances. We can also use redshift and its blue cousin to detect planets around other stars and measure how fast stuff like galaxies and black holes are spinnin’. So redshift lets us see how the universe is growing. Like a big red balloon inflating over billions of years. Trippy, man.

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