Ransomware-as-a-Service targeting Linux and VMware ESXi systems being


Ransomware-as-a-Service targeting Linux and VMware ESXi systems being

A new ransomware-as-service operation called MichaelKors has become the latest file-encrypting malware to target Linux and VMware ESXi systems as of April 2023.

The malware uses a technique known as hypervisor jackpotting.

Other notable e-crime outfits that have updated their arsenal to target ESXi consist of ALPHV, BlackCat, Black Basta, Defray, ESXiArgs, LockBit, Nevada, Play, Rook, and Rorschach.

In March 2023, Google-owned Mandiant attributed a Chinese nation-state group to the use of novel backdoors dubbed VIRTUAL PITA and VIRTUAL PIE in attacks aimed at VMware ESX servers.

This poses a major concern as more organizations continue to transfer workloads and infrastructure into cloud environments – all through VMWare Hypervisor environments.

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