Pre-infected Over 8.9 Million Android Phones by Cybercrime Syndicate


Pre-infected Over 8.9 Million Android Phones by Cybercrime Syndicate

A company called the Lemon Group has been infecting millions of pre-infected Android smartphones with malware called Guerilla.

According to the report, a compromise on any significant critical infrastructure with this infection can likely yield a significant profit for Lemon Group in the long run at the expense of legitimate users.

Many of the Guerilla plugins have a particular business function and a monetization opportunity for the company.

The report details how the company has spread the infection across 180 countries and across more than 50 brands of mobile devices.

It warns that the company may be able to make a lot of money from this infection as well as take advantage of the supply chain risks posed by such large numbers of infected phones.

In the U.S., Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, South Africa, India, Angola, the Philippines, and Argentina, the report states.

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