Phantom Stinger Nebula Photographer Body


Phantom Stinger Nebula Photographer Body

#shorts #Steeve Body #team #sky #part Astrophotographer Discovers New Nebula An amateur astrophotographer has discovered a new nebula, dubbed the “Phantom Stinger Nebula,” in the constellation of Scorpio. The discovery was made using a modest-sized telescope and narrow filters that cut out all the light other than the exact wavelengths the photographer was looking for. The nebula is located in a particularly well-studied constellation, showing how much more there is out there to be found. The photographer, Steeve Body, is a music producer by day and has taken some astonishing deep-space photographs with his modest-sized telescopes. Body and his colleagues from the New Horizons team are not sure what the nebula is, how far away it is, or what caused it. They have named it the “Phantom Stinger” because it is hard to see except at this wavelength and it looks a bit like a stinger. The team is now working on a catalog of new nebulae, as there is no existing catalog for this type of discovery.

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