Pando, the largest organism on Earth


Pando, the largest organism on Earth

Pando, a stand of quaking aspen clones, may be the longest-living organism known to science.

It has spread its roots for thousands of years and can live up to 14,000 years.

What gives?

The secret to a long life might as well be asking the world’s largest organism: Pando, a 106-acre (43-hectare) stand of clonal aspens.

Longevity has been discovered in all sorts of creatures, from human beings who live for 122 years to jellyfish that live for thousands longer than others.

Here are some examples of organisms with exceptionally long lives: Monorhaphis chuni – 11,000 Years A glass sponge called M. chuni is estimated to be 11,200 years Old .

A root system and a deep-sea sponge both seem like the sort of peculiar organism that might forget to die, but an unexpected entry for long-living organisms. .

A type of rose called the

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