OpenAI Sued Over Defamation After ChatGPT Fabricates Legal Accusations


OpenAI Sued Over Defamation After ChatGPT Fabricates Legal Accusations

OpenAI has been hit with the first defamation lawsuit responding to false information generated by its chatbot, ChatGPT.

The company was created by a third party, Fred Riehl, who asked for help in developing the system.

Walters case was filed June 5th in Georgia’s Superior Court of Gwinnett County and he is seeking unspecified monetary damages from OpenAI.The case is notable because widespread complaints about false information had been received regarding similar services like chatbots.

Riehl did not publish the false information himself but checked the details with another party.

This seems to be the first time anyone has sued OpenAI over a service that generated false information based on malicious content.

It was actually quite surprising since chatbots were often accused of spreading hoaxes before.

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