One in 30 million Blue Lobster Colors


One in 30 million Blue Lobster Colors

Although lobsters aren’t generally well-known, IFLFScience has collected a list of some really unusual lobster colors.

Some of the most common lobsters are shiny red or orange, but occasionally an unusually colored lobster will pop up in the net and surprise us all.

Banana is definitely on the list.

She has a one in 30 million genetic mutation that makes her exceptionally bright yellow.

The most famous lobster color is blue, which came from a very rare form called a crystal lobster.

According to How Stuff Works, the odds of finding this rare form are one in one hundred million.

Many other unusually colored lobsters also exist, including leucistic lobsters and freckles.

Leucistic, melanistic, and albino lobsters only crop up once every so often, so we’ll be eagerly awaiting the next lobster color addition.

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