New Statc Stealer Malware Emerges: Protect your Sensitive Data


New Statc Stealer Malware Emerges: Protect your Sensitive Data

A new type of malware called Statc Stealer has been found infecting devices running Microsoft Windows.

It can steal information from web browsers and send it securely to a remote server.

The significance of the malware lies in its potential to steal sensitive browser data and sendIt securely to its CandC server, the researchers said.

Targeted web browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Brave, Opera, and Yandex Browser.

The malware’s first-stage payload consists of a decoy PDF installer that also stealthily deploys a downloader binary that proceeds to retrieve the stealer malware from a remoteserver via a PowerShell script.

Researchers warn that the malware can also be used to logon credentials and payment details

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