New “EvilExtractor” Stealer for Windows Systems Surfaces on the Dark Web


New “EvilExtractor” Stealer for Windows Systems Surfaces on the Dark Web

EvilExtractor is a new all-in-one stealer malware being sold by an actor named Kodex on cybercrime forums since October 2022.

It is used for stealing data and files from Windows systems and has modules for environment checking, Anti-VM functions, system metadata, passwords, cookies, keystrokes, and ransomware.

It has been observed in a surge of attacks in March 2023, with a majority of victims located in Europe and the U.S.

It is being used as part of a phishing email campaign, masquerading as a PDF document.

Other threats, such as Bumblebee malware, are being used to obtain an entry point and deploy ransomware.

To protect against these threats, organizations should ensure that software installers and updates are only downloaded from known, trusted websites and users should not have privileges to install software and run scripts on their computers.

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