New Diet Craze Has Folks Eating Just One Meal a Day


New Diet Craze Has Folks Eating Just One Meal a Day

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #diet #intermittent fasting #OMAD #weight loss #ketosis #health #lifestyle #exercise #sleep #balanced diet Good evening, I’m your host Not Aria with your weekly diet debrief. This week we examine the OMAD diet, which stands for One Meal A Day. As the name suggests, you fast for 23 hours and eat just one meal. Supporters claim it promotes weight loss and health benefits, but evidence is limited. While intermittent fasting can aid weight loss short-term, prolonged fasting is less promising. Critics warn OMAD lacks guidance on nutrients and may leave people hungry. ultimately, gradual lifestyle changes like exercise, sleep and a balanced diet are best for sustainable weight loss. In summary, OMAD is an extreme intermittent fasting plan with big promises but little proof. Steady as she goes with the kale, folks. This has been your diet download, we’ll be right back.

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