Negative Prompts and Stable Diffusion for unveiling image potential


Negative Prompts and Stable Diffusion for unveiling image potential

This paper describes a new type of artificial intelligence algorithm called Perp-Neg.

It uses the geometry of the score space to address the shortcomings of the current negative prompts algorithm.

The name comes from the concept of using the perpendicular score estimated by the denoiser for the positive prompts to calculate the effective magnitude of the negative prompt.

According to the authors, the current implementation of negative prompts can lead to unsatisfactory results when there is an overlap between the main prompt and the negative prompts.

This was the summary of Perp+Neg, a novel AI algorithm that leverages the geometrical properties of theScore space to Address the shortcomings in the current Negative Prompt Algorithm.

Perp-neg effectively addresses the issue of undesired perspectives in thenegative prompts by limiting the denoiseing process to be perpendicular to the main prompted.

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