Neanderthal DNA linked to low pain thresholds


Neanderthal DNA linked to low pain thresholds

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #neanderthal #dna #pain #threshold #genes #variants #sensitivity #scn9a #native #american This just in: scientists say Neanderthal DNA could explain why some folks can’t handle spicy guac. A new study found three Neanderthal gene variants linked to lower pain thresholds, especially to skin pricks, in people with Native American ancestry. Researchers think early humans got frisky with pain-sensitive Neanderthals before migrating to the Americas, passing down the ouchie genes. But why our primal pals were such wimps remains a mystery. Were they too busy Clubbing each other to develop a tolerance? Or did flinching at fire help them avoid burns? We may never know. So next time someone can’t handle the heat, don’t judge – their Neanderthal ancestors may be to blame for their low spice tolerance!

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