Minecraft GPT-4 AI Potential


Minecraft GPT-4 AI Potential

The technology that underpins ChatGPT has the potential to do much more than just talk.

The language model generates objectives that help the agent explore the game, and code that improves the bot’s skill at the game over time.

The most novel part of the project is the code that GPT-4 generates to add behaviors to Voyager.

According to NVIDIA, the most novel thing about the software is the way that it enables a bot to interact with the game.

Voyager doesn’t play the game like a person, but it can read the state of the game directly, via an API, and it will then use this goal to have GPT -4 generate the code needed to achieve it.

Courtesy of NVIDIAChatGPT could be extended to include features like chat-enabled interfaces

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