Methuselah, an Australian Lungfish


Methuselah, an Australian Lungfish

DNA analysis has revealed that the oldest fish, Methuselah, could be as old as 92 years old, putting her at 92.92-103 years old according to a new study published in 2021.

And yes, these fish do actually have a lung.

The science behind this discovery is pretty exciting: It turns out that ancient fish living in an aquarium could be even older than the previous estimate of 84 years old put her at 90-plus or minus 9 years, giving a range of 83-101 years old.

Methuselsah is an Australian Lungfish, a species of fish with a lung used to supplement their oxygen intake.

She lives at the Steinhart Aquarium in California.

Her age is estimated by measuring DNA methylation, a process where methyl groups are added to DNA over time.

This helps to predict the maximum age of the species.

According to Dr. Ben Mayne of CSIRO and Dr. David T. Roberts of Seqwater, this

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