Meta Says Were Trying! As Violent Content Surges


Meta Says Were Trying! As Violent Content Surges

#shorts #social media #content moderation #terrorism #Hamas #Israel #Facebook #Instagram Good evening, I’m Amy. In news from Big Tech, Facebook’s parent company Meta said this week that it’s removed a ton of violent and dangerous content following recent attacks by Hamas against Israel. Meta was like ‘Look guys, we deleted over 795,000 bad posts – so we’re clearly doing our part here.’ But experts say Meta still faces criticism that it’s just not doing enough to curb the spread of misinformation and extremism. I guess the lesson here is if you want to post objectionable stuff online, maybe don’t use a platform run by Mark Zuckerberg? The guy who looks like he was created by an AI that was only fed pictures of androids. Just a thought.

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