Lasius grandis ants entangled in plastic fiber


Lasius grandis ants entangled in plastic fiber

#shorts #plastic pollution #impact #ants #Álvaro Luna This study marks another milestone in the planet’s deepening problem with plastic pollution . For the first time, scientists have seen ants entangled in plastic fibers. Yep, that’s right–it’s true. Ants have become trapped in this sticky material. Armand Rausell-Moreno from the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madrid first noticed the ants in 2022 while conducting fieldwork on the Spanish island of La Palma. A few years later, he contacted ant expert J. Manuel Vidal-Cordero and two professors at the European University of Madrid about the curious case. These learned that three of the ants had become wrapped in some kind of fiber. Lab tests revealed that two of these fibers were made of

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