Key Cybersecurity Tools That Can Mitigate the Cost of a Breach


Key Cybersecurity Tools That Can Mitigate the Cost of a Breach

IBM’s new data breach report shows that the average cost of a breach is rising once again.

For the 12th year in a row, healthcare is the industry most impacted by data breaches.

Additionally, 39% of breaches spanned multiple cloud environments, leading to a higher-than-average breach cost of $4.75 million.

Organizations that implement risk-based vulnerability management techniques such as CVE-only prevention see significantly reduced data breach costs (18.3% less).

This report also shows that enterprises that use technology like firewalls and zero-day protection have significant reductions in data breach expenses compared to those that do not.

Here’s what we’re really interested in: the fact that companies with no experience at all in addressing cybersecurity seem to be paying more for each breach, and the increasing frequency and severity of these incidents

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