Joe Biden Asks Hackers to Help Keep AI Chatbots In Check


Joe Biden Asks Hackers to Help Keep AI Chatbots In Check

The White House AI intervention comes as appetite for regulating the technology is growing around the world, fueled by the hype and investment sparked by ChatGPT.

In the parliament of the European Union, lawmakers are negotiating final updates to a sweeping AI Act that will restrict and even ban some uses of artificial intelligence, including adding coverage of generative AI.

The White House supported hacking exercise designed to expose weaknesses in generativeAI systems will take place this summer at the Defcon security conference.

Points will be awarded under a “Capture the Flag” format to encourage participants to test for a wide range of bugs or unsavory behavior from the AI systems.

According to the White House, the trade off for such testing will be points earned for the most valuable aspects of the AI itself

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