Israel-Hamas Conflict Turns X Into Disinformation Thunderdome


Israel-Hamas Conflict Turns X Into Disinformation Thunderdome

#shorts #middle east #social media #fake news #propaganda #misinformation #war #conflict #hamas #israel Good evening, I’m Aria. This weekend’s flare up between Israel and Hamas led to an explosion of fake news on social media. Researchers say the amount of bogus footage and propaganda shared on X was unprecedented. It was impossible to find real info, with the algorithm boosting misleading posts from users willing to pay for verification. Basically, X turned into the Thunderdome of disinformation, where trust goes to die. One analyst called it ‘the hardest time ever covering a crisis’ there. So remember, whether it’s wars or celebrity gossip, always get your news from reliable sources, like comedians on Saturday Night Live. Now here’s some random dude with sports.

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