iOS Zero-Click Hack with Stealthy Root-Privilege Malware


iOS Zero-Click Hack with Stealthy Root-Privilege Malware

Kaspersky antivirus company discovers that an unknown APT is using iOS devices as part of a sophisticated and long-running mobile campaign dubbed Operation Triangulation.

The malware infects the devices with zero-click exploits via the iMessage platform, and the malware runs with root privileges, gaining complete control over the device and user data.

Kaspersky does not know if the attacks are taking advantage of a zero-day vulnerability in iOS.The attack chain begins with the iOS device receiving a message via iMessage that contains an attachment bearing an ad bearing an exploit.

A previously unknown advanced persistent threat (APT) is targeting iOS devices, Kasperssky said.

The infected devices are infected using zero-click vulnerabilities via the Message service.

It’s currently also not known whether the attacks take advantage of any vulnerabilities in iOS

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