How AI memorizes images with diffusion models


How AI memorizes images with diffusion models

This paper investigates how diffusion models can memorize and reproduce individual training images, raising privacy and copyright issues.

It also examines the risks associated with data extraction attacks, data reconstruction attacks, and membership inference attacks on diffusion models.

The results show that diffusion models exhibit higher membership inference leakage than generative adversarial networks (GANs) and have higher private characteristics, suggesting that they are more vulnerable to attacks.

Furthermore, they find that stronger diffusion models tend to display greater levels of memorization than weaker ones.

To conclude, this study demonstrates that state-of-the-art diffusion models capable of memorizing and reproducing individual training image datasets are vulnerable to attack by data extractors and data reconstructions based on stolen data.

Articles such as this paper have a great deal of potential for infringement due to their ability to both violate privacy and infringe on intellectual property rights

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