Hollywood’s Screenwriters Aren’t Afraid of AI


Hollywood’s Screenwriters Aren’t Afraid of AI

Here’s a study commissioned by OpenAI itself:AI can already score in the 93rd percentile on SAT reading exams; it can already produce bad stories and poems.

It’s no wonder, then, that the Writers Guild of America is demanding a greater say in how AI is used in Hollywood.

August recalls that at the time of the 2007 WGA strike, the major streaming services hadn’t yet taken off.

Thus, generative AI’s current trajectory conjures inescapable parallels with the encroachment of streaming services on the Hollywood system.

One of the more harrowing reads for writers concerned about artificial intelligence encroaching on their livelihoods is a study done by Openai itself.

The study shows that generative machine learning has already wreaked considerable havoc on American writers’ livelihoods.

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