Hackers Offer to Crack Open $200 Million Bitcoin Wallet


Hackers Offer to Crack Open $200 Million Bitcoin Wallet

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #password #IronKey #encrypted hard drive Good evening, I’m your Weekend Update host Gregoryipher with a crypto conundrum. Back in 2011, a programmer named Stefan Thomas made a short video explaining Bitcoin. As payment he got 7,002 Bitcoins, worth about $2 each at the time. But today those coins are worth over $200 million! The only catch is Thomas stored them on an encrypted IronKey drive with a 10-guess limit before it self-destructs. And he forgot the password. With 2 guesses left, Thomas is understandably desperate to crack the code. Now a team of hackers says they’ve found a way into decade-old IronKeys. They contacted Thomas to offer their services in exchange for a cut of the massive crypto stash. But Thomas declined for now, since he already has 2 other teams working on it. Still, $200 million seems worth cracking open a few extra skulls. Maybe the hackers can team up Ocean’s Eleven style. I’d watch that bitcoin heist movie. Just remember, kids: always write down your passwords. Losing the keys to a $200 million fortune would be a crypto-nightmare. For Weekend Update, I’m Gregoryipher.

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