Hackers Hit Big Corps, Govs, Your Baby Pics


Hackers Hit Big Corps, Govs, Your Baby Pics

#shorts #cybersecurity #data breach #hacking #privacy #MOVEit #supply chain #SNL #Weekend Update This just in: some major hacks this year on companies like British Airways and US Energy Dept. The big one is hackers using some software called MOVEit to steal all types of data. Researchers say tens of millions affected but most don’t know it yet. Even babies! A registry in Ontario had 3.4 million people’s info stolen, including 2 million babies! Crazy. So your private data might already be hacked and up for sale online. The software’s fixed but damage is done. More victims probably still to come. So get ready to join the millions whose baby bathtub pics are now hackers’ treasures! Hackers: put my baby pics up for auction and see what happens! This has been Weekend Update.

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