Green Pool Hair Loss Treatments & Treatments


Green Pool Hair Loss Treatments & Treatments

Chlorine in the swimming pool isn’t the cause of green hair, according to Wollstonecraft.

It’s copper in the water that turns the hair green after a swim in chlorinated water.

The main source of copper in swimming pools is copper sulfate, a substance added to swimming pools to prevent the growth of algae.

But copper can also seep into swimming pools through the corrosion of water pipes, so it may cause irritation and even gastrointestinal problems if consumed by people who have been exposed to too much of it.

How does copper get into the hair?

Most commonly, it comes from copper ions, a positively charged variant of a copper atom with extra electrons.

When hair comes into contact with copper ions , those ions get absorbed by the hair and cause the greenish hue.

keratin, the connective tissue in the hair, is composed of various chemical groups, such as carboxyl groups and disulfide groups.

Copper ions have the ability to form bonds

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