GPT Can Help Chat Doctors—and Hurt Patients


GPT Can Help Chat Doctors—and Hurt Patients

Robert Pearl, a former CEO of Kaiser Permanente and professor at Stanford medical school, believes that ChatGPT, a form of generative AI, is more important to doctors than the stethoscope.

He knows of doctors using the bot to summarize patient care, write letters, and even diagnose patients.

Companies are developing AI technology to take on tasks previously reserved for white-collar workers and medical professionals hope language models can help them serve patients better.

Microsoft and Epic Systems are using OpenAI’s GPT-4 to search for trends in electronic health records.

Heather Mattie, a lecturer in public health at Harvard University, is impressed with ChatGPT’s abilities, but is cautious about its use in a clinical setting due to potential bias and fabrication of facts.

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