Google Just Added AI to Make Search Better


Google Just Added AI to Make Search Better

At Google I/O today, the search giant announced that it will infuse results with generative artificial intelligence technology similar to that behind ChatGPT in order to improve search results.

However, searching still involves typing a query and it still responds with links to websites, snippets of content, and ads.

Whether these new features will be useful remains to be seen.


GoogleGoogle is moving quickly to add Chat GPT-like features to search, but whether users will find them useful hasnโ€™t been seen yet.

Six months ago, Google didn’t appear to be worried about its searchBusiness.

Google unveiled its new search engine six months ago.

It was based on machine learning and didn’t offer any answers to commonly asked questions such as whether Joe Biden is a good president or for information about different US states’ abortion laws.

Now, however, Google’s generative AI product doesn’t answer simple questions like this one.

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