Garage door controls are finally coming to the Google Home app


Garage door controls are finally coming to the Google Home app

Controls for smart garage doors are coming to the Google Home app.

Previously only available in the Android version of the app, the company has now added them to the iOS and Android versions.

The company notes that this feature will arrive at Google I/O event next week so they might have more details then.

Image: u/MickotheNestProWe should note that this features has only landed on the preview Google Home App so far, and doesn’t have an official release yet.9to5Google has managed to confirm the preview controls currently work with garage door systems from Tailwind and Nexx, but otherwise, there’s no list of supported products just yet.

Given Google’s I/OG event is just around the corner, we might get some additional details about this feature (and other Google home app updates) soon.

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