FTC pushes to end Meta’s profiting off children’s data


FTC pushes to end Meta’s profiting off children’s data

On Wednesday, the FTC announced that it plans to make some changes to how Meta operates.

The agency accuses the company of violating child privacy protections under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and COPPA.

The violations arose from an independent assessor’s review of Meta’s privacy protections.

According to the FTC, the assessor was first implemented following the 2020 order and was put in charge of reviewing whether Meta’s privacy protections met the FTC’s standards.

The FTC says that the proposed changes are just the first step in a process to heighten Meta security practices.

It asks the company to respond within 30 days to its findings and propose changes by which they will strengthen their privacy and security practicesMeta has been accused of violating copaprories.

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