Epic vs Google: Clash of the Tech Titans


Epic vs Google: Clash of the Tech Titans

#shorts #antitrust #trial #lawsuit #Google Play #app store #mobile #gaming #Fortnite #competition #fairness #justice #evil #good #David #Goliath This just in: the epic courtroom battle between video game maker Epic and tech giant Google is heating up. The tentative witness list reads like a who’s who of Silicon Valley big wigs, including Google CEO Sundar Pichai and disgraced former Google exec Andy Rubin. Epic is accusing Google of anticompetitive practices regarding its Play Store, while Google says it’s just keeping order in the Wild West of apps. This Android App Store Showdown has all the drama of a battle between good and evil, David and Goliath. Who will emerge victorious? The fate of mobile competition hangs in the balance. Back to you, Colin.

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