Elvis Director Baz Luhrmann Thinks AI Won’t Conquer Movies


Elvis Director Baz Luhrmann Thinks AI Won’t Conquer Movies

This is a very short scene.

It shows Baz Luhrmann, an Australian writer, director, and producer talking to a robot.

He asks the robot, Ai-Da, if he enjoyed the music of Elvis.

Apparently everyone is dealing with the question of how to deal with artificial intelligence and what to do with it when it comes to movies and art.

Pretty much every writer, directors, musician, and painter is facing the AI question right now.

In his case, though, he chooses not to be afraid of it becauseAustin Butler didn’t do an impersonation.

The scene is part of an opening presentation for a new art installation called Saw This, Made This.

The piece deals with the concept of seeing things in three dimensions.

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