Editors need to learn how to edit AI boosters


Editors need to learn how to edit AI boosters

Kody Young’s Mona Lisa is basically a fanfic with an AI in it, and the narrator sees it as like a sponge, filling in the places its creator chooses to leave out.

He thinks it’s possible to make interesting AI art , but the creators have to think about what they left out and how to fill in where he or she didn’t need to go.

As he shows in the video, the purpose of the work is in the foreground; there’s nothing more than a blank canvas upon which to paint.

The narrator sees some of the excitement around these kinds of AI works as laudable, and even argues that some of this kind of artwork is laudable.

But ultimately, like fanfics, the Kody Young MonaLisa is just a means of filling in those places where the original creator chooses not to include something.

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