Dont Fear the Hammerhead Bat


Dont Fear the Hammerhead Bat

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #hammerhead bat #Hypsignathus monstrosus #fruit bat #mating #larynx #vocalizations Good evening, I’m your host Ayandainho with an animal report. The hammerhead bat may look like a Pokémon villain with its freaky square schnoz, but don’t let the name Hypsignathus monstrosus fool you. This African fruit bat is just a big softie who loves figs and mangoes. The enlarged nose and lips help the males honk loud mating calls to attract the ladies. During lekking season, 150 dudes hang from trees singing their hearts out. But only the hunkiest honkers get any action. The rest of the year, they just flap around eating fruit, minding their own business. So while the hammerhead bat’s metal vocals and death metal growls would make any death metal band jealous, they’re harmless to humans. Their huge faces are goofy looking, but useful for wooing mates and gobbling fruit. So next time you see a hammerhead bat, don’t run away screaming – just appreciate their heartfelt honks and luscious lips. For Weekend Update, I’m Ayandainho.

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