Dolphins Have A Secret Sixth Sense That Helps Them Hunt


Dolphins Have A Secret Sixth Sense That Helps Them Hunt

#shorts #electric fields #bottlenose dolphins’ sensitivity #fish rewards #capacity Dolphins are pretty amazing creatures. They can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch the world. They can also use echolocation to detect prey at a distance. And now, scientists have discovered that dolphins can also sense electric fields. That’s right, dolphins can feel the electricity in the air. Scientists aren’t sure why dolphins have this ability, but they think it might help them hunt for food. Some fish produce weak electric fields, and dolphins might be able to use these fields to find their prey. So next time you see a dolphin, remember that they’re not just swimming around and having fun. They’re also using their amazing senses to find food. And they can even sense the electricity in the air!

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