Does Bard know how many ‘e’ letters appear in ‘ketchup’?


Does Bard know how many ‘e’ letters appear in ‘ketchup’?

Here’s an experiment: Instead of trying to understand mayonnaise, I’ll try to understand language using Google’s Bard.

First off, this is a silly experiment.

Second, we don’t know how smart we are and how we think.

Machine learning is awesome because it illustrates that engineers don’t really know how people work.

And third, we have no way of knowing how smart people are or how they think until we actually test them in a real-world situation.

So, yeah.

This is a bit of a head-scratcher, but it illustrates a few things: 1) Most machine learning experiments fail because they don’t capture the subtleties of people’s thoughts and behavior; 2) It’s totally possible for machines to learn more about us once we give them a lesson; and 3) Nobody really understands how stupid we are when we’re mad at them for not understanding us.

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