Do You Know The Secret Language That All Humans Speak?


Do You Know The Secret Language That All Humans Speak?

#shorts #co-speech gestures #Şeyda Özçalışkan #children #silent gestures A new study has found that children develop a universal system of nonverbal communication at a young age. Researchers say that kids who speak English or Turkish use gestures differently depending on whether they’re speaking or not. For example, if a Turkish-speaking kid wants to describe someone running into a house, they’ll use a different gesture than an English-speaking kid would. This suggests that there’s a universal way of communicating without words that all children learn. In a previous study, Özçalışkan and colleagues examined this phenomenon in sighted and blind adults. The next step, Özçalışkan suggests, is to study blind Turkish and English-speaking children to see if the same patterns appear there.

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