Did the Virgin Mary Appear to 100,000 People in Fatima?


Did the Virgin Mary Appear to 100,000 People in Fatima?

#shorts #Sun #amethyst color #Various witnesses #Virgin Mary In 1917, three kids in Fátima, Portugal, said they saw the Virgin Mary. Mary said she’d return every month for six months, then disappear. The kids said Mary would only appear to the oldest one, Lucia, who’d describe what she saw to others. On the final visit, Mary promised to give everyone a miracle. 70,000 people showed up to witness the miracle. They saw the Sun do some crazy stuff, like zip across the sky and change colors. One guy said it looked like a Catherine wheel. A science professor said everything turned purple, and his hand turned purple too. So, what happened? Well, we know for sure that nothing weird happened to the Sun anywhere else on Earth. So, it must have been a local phenomenon. One theory is that people saw a “sun dog,” which is caused by ice crystals in the sky. But the witnesses’ descriptions of what they saw were all over the place, and there are no photos of the Sun doing its tricks. A more likely explanation is that the crowd was experiencing mass hysteria and solar retinopathy, or burning of the retinas, from staring at the Sun too long. The symptoms of solar retinopathy, like the Sun appearing to zip across the sky, match up better with what the witnesses reported than a sun dog. So, there you have it. The miracle of the Sun was probably just a case of people staring at the Sun too long and seeing weird stuff.

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