Cynet Prevents Lethal Infection in Hospital


Cynet Prevents Lethal Infection in Hospital

The hospital was in the process of upgrading its imaging systems.

One of these systems had a USB key that could be used to store files on any device.

Unfortunately, this USB key became infected with malware.

Fortunately, the company uses Cynet’s technology to protect this key and prevent the infection from taking hold.

This incident demonstrates the value of advanced protection options such as patching holes in Windows 8 and Windows 7 for those operating on older versions of the operating system.

Cynet Protections

The incident is similar to others in this story because the attackers were able to take advantage of the fact that the hospital was using one of its own proprietary tools to spread their malicious code.

Luckily, the threat was detected by Cynet protections, which stopped the infection before it could execute.

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