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CryptoPunk #3983 CryptoPunk #3983 CryptoPunk #398

Vitalik Buterin’s Twitter account has reportedly been hacked.

His father announces the hack on September 9, but this is a missed opportunity to warn him of shared linked accounts.

A few days later, his X twitter account is deleted, and it appears that the same hack also took down Vitalik’s official Twitter page.

The main issue here is the value of NFTs, which are digital funds that were tied to certain Ethereum projects.

In other words, once the victims connected their wallets, their funds were stolen.

Users Fell Victim to the Scam

The scam has led to significant financial losses for those who fell prey and clicked on the malicious link.

According to blockchain investigator ZachXBT, over $691,000 was collectively lost by individuals who clicked onThe deceptive link.

A number of crypto users also reported that they lost some valuable nFTs to the scam.

One X user, Satoshi 767, questioned Buterins security measures and suggested that he

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