Crypto Week: Cryptoweek: Cryptoweek: Cryptoweek: Cryptoweek: Cryptoweek


Crypto Week: Cryptoweek: Cryptoweek: Cryptoweek: Cryptoweek: Cryptoweek

This cryptoweek is all about predictions, predictions, and jokes.

Here are some of our favorite bits from the week: people started filing for ETFs and creating new services using blockchain technology, and more than 20 jokes about how cool it is to be a cryptocurrency player.

It’s also the week that Coinbase unveiled a new lending service for institutions in the US, VISA partnered with BitGo to provide digital asset custody services, and Bitfinex reportedly held BTC on its balance sheet.

In legal news, Genesis Global Trading stopped providing its crypto spot trading services and two lawsuits against the parent company of one of its funds led by Sam Bankman Friedrich.

Elsewhere, Alex Mashinsky was ordered to serve three months in prison for insider trading, while Story Protocol raised $54 million in funding driven by a16z.

A survey showed Nigeria as the most popular crypto-friendly nation and Singapore as the top destination for crypto millionaires.

Various government-owned websites were used to protect digital

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