Crypto Scams on X (formerly Twitter)


Crypto Scams on X (formerly Twitter)

Elon Musk’s Twitter targeted: Beware of the $25 Million Crypto Scam 10 months after his rule, crypto scams on X (formerly Twitter) are still thriving.

One of the most popular was a fake “GBTC” token giveaway.

The post pretended to be from Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, the world’s largest Bitcoin fund, repurposing its GBTC ticker for the purported $25 million token distribution.

It was posted by a fake account handle @Grayscale_FND, an account bearing a strong resemblance to the real company in name and profile, but which is completely unrelated to the actual fund.

The company’s real Twitter account contains a gold verification badge, which is much more costly than the premium badge offered by the fake one.

A look at the fake account’s posts also showed a long list of reposts from the official Graysscale account, which pointed to the fact that many of these posts were retweeted from the Gr

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