Crabs: Ocean Nomads Who Conquered Land


Crabs: Ocean Nomads Who Conquered Land

#shorts #many times true crabs #terrestrialization #Joanna Wolfe #certain traits Yo, crabs are the OGs of moving out. They’ve been ditching the ocean for other digs for like 100 million years, way before it was cool. And they’ve done it like seven to seventeen times, depending on who you ask. First, they moved to the beach, then to the forest. Then they got lost in some estuaries and ended up in the jungle. But they always found their way back to the ocean, cuz that’s where they belong. Scientists say this is all because of convergent evolution. That means that different crabs evolved the same traits to adapt to their new environments, even though they didn’t start out that way. So next time you see a crab, just know that it’s a survivor. It’s been through a lot, and it’s still here. And it’s probably looking for a new place to live.

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