Cosmic LOL: Failed Star is a Frozen Light Show Beyond Our Imagination


Cosmic LOL: Failed Star is a Frozen Light Show Beyond Our Imagination

#shorts #methane #infrared light #planets #object In a cosmic twist, astronomers have stumbled upon a peculiar brown dwarf, W1935, that’s breaking the rules of the stellar universe. Picture this: a celestial oddball that’s not quite a star, not quite a planet, and now it’s glowing with methane in its atmosphere, like a cosmic disco party. Scientists expected to see methane absorption, but instead, it’s shining like a celestial beacon. It’s like methane got the memo for a glow-in-the-dark party and decided to steal the show. And get this, this brown dwarf is a loner, no stellar wind to stir up auroral activity, no moon to keep it company. It’s an aurora party of one, and nobody knows why. Then there’s the temperature inversion, where the atmosphere gets hotter with altitude, like Earth’s stratosphere, but without the help of a nearby star. It’s like the brown dwarf is defying the laws of thermodynamics, throwing a cosmic tantrum. So, buckle up, folks, because the cosmos is serving up some serious head-scratchers. Stay tuned for more updates on this cosmic whodunit, where the methane’s glowing, the temperature’s defying logic, and the brown dwarf’s got a serious case of the unexplained.

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