Climate Change Melts Mama Bears Milk for Hungry Cubs


Climate Change Melts Mama Bears Milk for Hungry Cubs

#shorts #scinews #science news #science #science max #climate change #polar bears #sea ice #arctic #global warming #nursing #cubs #lactation #milk #fasting Hey folks, I’ve got some sad news about our furry Arctic friends. New research shows polar bear moms are struggling to produce enough fatty milk for their cubs as climate change melts away sea ice. Without access to seals, mama bears have to fast on land for months, burning through their blubber. Their milk turns skim – bad news for the cubs who need to fatten up quick. Scientists say impaired lactation has already harmed some populations. So thanks a latte, global warming – you’re turning mama’s milk into skim for her hungry cubs. A great name for a skimmed milk brand by the way – ‘Mama’s Melted Milk’!

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