China’s Stealthy Hackers Infiltrate U.S. and Guam Critical Infrastructure


China’s Stealthy Hackers Infiltrate U.S. and Guam Critical Infrastructure

A stealthy China-based group has managed to gain a foothold in several critical infrastructure organizations in the U.S. and Guam without being detected, according to Microsoft and the Five Eyes nations.

The tech giant’s threat intelligence team is tracking the activity, which includes post-compromise credential access and network system discovery under the name Volt Typhoon.

The Windows makers also notified targeted or compromised customers and provided them with the necessary information to secure their environments.

Secureworks, which is monitoring the threat group under the handle Bronze Silhouette, said it has demonstrated demonstrated careful consideration for operational security and reliance on compromised infrastructure to prevent detection and attribution of its intrusion activities.

Microsoft and the Five Eyes nations said on Wednesday that the group, which they have dubbed Volt Typhoon, has been active over the past few months.

Some of the prominent sectors targeted include communications, manufacturing, utility, transportation, construction, maritime, defense, government, information

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