Chegg embraced AI ChatGPT still ate its lunch


Chegg embraced AI ChatGPT still ate its lunch

Investors were surprised when Chegg, an online education company, revealed that ChatGPT was hurting subscriber growth.

The company lost half of its market value overnight.

But long before Chat GPT, its top brass had heard warnings about the threat and opportunity of generative AI.

According to multiple sources, a source familiar with the exchange, a Chegg executive had the bot write an email to Rosensweig urging him to develop a ChatPGPT rival.

In fact, two years earlier, Ramirez had advised CEO Dan Rosenweig in 2020 that generativeAI would be the bus that would crash down Chegg if the company did not prepare itself.

And just weeks after OpenAI launched ChatG PT in November, a Source familiar with this exchange says, one Chegg exec had the Bot write an e-mail to Rosenesweig asking him to create a ChatGPL rival.

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