ChatGPT Is Excluding Non-English Languages from the AI Revolution


ChatGPT Is Excluding Non-English Languages from the AI Revolution

Not every American speaks a language, and not every English speaker, but the dominance of English in global commerce is real.

That’s why non-English speakers are punished professionally.

Pascale Fung would like to see AI change that, not further reinforce the primacy of English.

She’s part of a global community of AI researchers testing the language skills of ChatGPT and its rival chatbots and sounding the alarm about evidence that they are significantly less capable in languages other than English.

Language supremacy is real, and Fung wants to see machines that bridge language barriers by removing the language barrier between English speakers and those who don’t speak English.

It’s her goal to make English as the default language in artificial intelligence so that it doesn’t continue to be dominant

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